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Great movie. A real 'who dun it'. Keeps you guessing till the end. Awesome effects. Awesome cast. Brilliant ambo! ~ Rose L.
Intense fun! I'm a screenwriter with over 20 years of experience AND I helped mentor the writers and producers of this film idea to story -- just a little -- and they still FOOLED me. Creepy, scary and SURPRISING -- enjoy! ~ Chris Soth, Million Dollar Screenwriting and Your Screenplay Mentor.
Get the popcorn ready and turn the light off; Killervision is here! This heart-racing thriller, will keep you guessing until the very end. With a phenomenal cast lead by Damien E. Lipp and Susie Kazda you are taken on a terrifying ride at every turn where no one is innocent until proven dead. A brilliant story line by S.C. Farrow and Kim Standring Jacobs, and superbly directed by Dale Trott, Killervision has it all: horror, intrigue, drama and love. With additional stand-out performances by Katrina Gow, Dean Kirkright and Michael Edward Williams, it is definitely one worth watching... if you dare. ~ Melissa C
My copy arrived today and I just finished watching it. I must say I enjoyed watching every part of the film. Everyone that was involved in it, well done. Highly recommend people that haven't seen it to see it. ~ Corey R
Written by S.C. Farrow & Kim Standring Jacobs and set in urban Australia with side trips to a rural highway, this thriller sends the viewer on a roller coaster ride as twenty-something Jared deals with the aftermath of a car accident that shouldn't have happened. With his love Shelby at his side, Jared's promising future life is destroyed leaving him at loose ends but still surrounded by love and encouragement. ~ Marla H.
Thank you so much for my Killervision DVD. Watched it last night. Was a great film. Everyone needs to get themselves a copy!!! Great work to all. ~ Anon.
OMG - Great movie. Has you thinking all the time. Love the ending. Damien, Kirky, Susie - great acting. As for James - speechless. I loved it. Even Rhys is in it! Michael did really well, too. People, you don't know what you're missing out on. This needs to be in cinemas! ~ Shipes D.

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